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CODACONS is a non profit organization founded in 1986 that involves associations working for consumers rights protection. It is one of the most important and representative consumers association in Italy, involved in different public commission and keeping contacts with similar international organization. CODACONS is organized in several head offices disseminated in the whole Italian territory. The goal of the association is the protection of consumer rights and interests with all the legal instruments against public or private subjects. In the last years, CODACONS arranged different training courses in the framework of the enforcement of the competition law and other issues. CODACONS will be the co-ordinator of the project and will be responsible for the scientific management of the project, the implementation and evaluation.


PIAK (Latvia)

Club for Protection of Consumer Interests (PIAK) is the oldest consumer organisation in Latvia, founded in 1990. PIAK as a member has participated in ECCG (European Consultative Consumer group) Competition Working Groups meeting. As an consumer NGO, PIAK has participated in elaboration of national position of Latvia regarding Green paper and later White paper on Damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules. During elaboration and adoption process of amendments in Competition Law in parliament PIAK made proposal that was supported and included in law. PIAK has good cooperation with several state authorities especially with Ministry of Economics, under which supervision also is Competition Council of Latvia. As well as good experience in implementing and participating in different national and European projects, with partners from Spain, Italy, Lithuania and other countries.

Cyprus Consumers' Union and Quality of Life (Cyprus)

Cyprus Consumers' Union and Quality of Life is a Non-Profit Organization, its aims and objectives are to fight using all the legal means for the promotion of measures for the immediate and compulsory implementation of the “acquis communitaire” for the effective protection of the Cypriot consumer. Within that framework to demand among other things the following:
a. The establishment of an independent institution on Nutrition safety.
b. The adoption of the institution of the Minor disagreements Court 
c. The introduction of the institution of the Consumers Commissioner
d. The recognition of the Cypriot consumers as equal to the other social groups and their representation in committees, councils and bodies as is the practice in the European Union.
To study and to undertake researches on topics and subjects affecting the consumers and having relation with the respect of their rights and/ or of their financial and other interests, as well as with their health, safety and generally life quality. To co-operate with governmental and non-governmental organizations and authorities in Cyprus and abroad for the promotion and the achievement of the abovementioned aims and objectives. To undertake legal steps and actions before Cyprus and/ or international courts, when it thinks fit and necessary for the justification of the consumers and the protection of their rights.


SOS (Czech Republic)

Customers Defence Association of the Czech Republic (SOS)   gives the consumer public a possibility to obtain information about consumer rights and to consult specific consumer cases in advice centers of SOS, which are continuously being established in all regions of the Czech Republic, as well as on various Internet sites. Our site web-site publishes news, advice, laws and brings other special services. Foreigners can make use of the multilingual site, where basic information on SOS, consumer protection in Czech Republic and practical tips for stay here are published in English, French and German. SOS comments draft laws and novels of existing laws increase relevant for consumer interests. We welcome all justified suggestions of law alterations. SOS is for development of consumer education including integration of important information about protection of consumer rights and interests into syllabus at primary and secondary schools. This is why SOS develops cooperation also with pedagogic faculties. SOS promotes similar goals also in the area of life-long education. SOS is a member of world consumer organization Consumers International and of the European Consumers Organisation BEUC. Through their presence at seminars, workshops, congresses and electronic conferences SOS representatives actively share their experiences internationally on behalf of consumer protection in times of market globalization.

Consumer Support Centre (Latvia)

Consumer Support Centre main objectives are:
1. to solve consumer problems, to deal with their claims;
2. to represent consumers in state and other  institutions;
3. to participate in legislative work in the field of consumer protection;
CSC is a member of Latvian National Consumer Association, a member of National Consumer Council, works together with Consumer Rights Protection Centre (state body) and other important institutions. In 1994 Silvia Viksnina, Chairwoman of CSC, has established consumer newspaper „Simts Punkti” in Latvian and Russian language and has published it until 1996. CSC has good experience in organising different events – Consumer Day (15 March), seminars and conferences in Latvia ect. CSC has participate in several projects, at European level – creating consumer education network „E-CONS” run by Spanish School of Consumers (Santander), during the project consumer web-site  and manual in  printed and electronic version  for teachers were elaborated, now the project is continuing with training of trainers. Silvia Viksnina is representing all Latvian non-governmental consumer organisations at ECCG – European Consumer Consultative Group at European Commission (DG SANCO – Health and Consumer affairs) in Brussels. Besides she is a member of Financial services sub-group of ECCG.


Association of Consumers in the Vah Region and Western Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Association of Consumers in the Vah Region and Western Slovakia as the member of ZSS, the Slovak National Consumer Association, is performing consumer advisory activities — yearly about 4 thousand consumer contacts by e-mail, telephone, post and also direct contact. ASVWS is providing also consumer advisory mobile hotline, 7 days a week, daily in 7-21, also for English speaking foreign consumers in the Slovak area. Consumer advisory is oriented to all basic consumer problems — consumer goods, food, utilities, travel and passenger problems, car-users etc. Association and it's members are involved in many international projects oriented to consumer problems- in cooperation with ADICAE Spain, FONDACA Cittadinanzattiva Italy, CTRRCE Bolzano Italy, DECO Portugal. All those projects are mostly just in the phase of final evaluation by DGs in Brussels. Association-members took part in courses of EU Consumer Law organized through Program TRACE by BEUC — European Consumer Organization. The main project in the field of CONCORDIA Project was performed under leadership od ADICAE Spain — „Information to the citizens of the EU on access to justice in litigations derived from civil contracts" with 10 partners from EU countries. Association has substantial capacities to take part in proposed project — the proposed coordinator is involved in consumer movement since 1980, member of General Assembly of BEUC, participant of CI World Congress 1994, 2003 ,Member of China — Europe Forum, European Consumer Debt Network, HSC Network member. The Association also cooperates with many external experts — Lawyers and researchers.

Associazione ISES (Italy)

The Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio-Economico is a no profit association founded in Italy in order to support the no profit and the academic worlds in the fundamental research process, starting point of the decision making. One of the statute objectives is the promotion of Italian participation in research and development programmes financed by the European Commission and the realisation of initiatives aimed to encourage the development and the valorisation, also abroad, of all the Italian economy branches. ISES works on the management of institutional relations and the accreditation at local and central level exploiting the public funding leverage and the socio-economic research tools. The use of direct and indirect funds stimulates the relation with the institutional and decision-making centres, offers an opportunity to build new partnerships and enable stable relations at local level. ISES thanks to the widest experience in the management of European projects will assist CODANCONS in the management, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of the project.

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